Artillery – By Inheritance

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Full-length, Roadrunner, 1990

Damn, I must’ve listened to this album hundreds of time before writing a review for it. I’ve come to a pretty simple conclusion: By Inheritance is one of the best Thrash albums ever made, and the best Tech-Thrash album ever, as the title says. I don’t know if this was a big hit back when it was released, but if it wasn’t, then fucking hell, Thrash fans were pathetic back then. Everything in this release is just wonderful, from the powerful vocals to the melodic and technical riffs.

The amount of agressivity and brutality contained in the riffs also amazes me. Artillery manage to add in technical and melodic riffs, AND pack in a big amount of brutality, all of the above while always remaining totally original and unique. Now THAT’S impressive. How many thrash bands can do all of the above? Not a lot.

The production is perfect – the vocals don’t cover up the riffs, and neither do the drums. The clean guitar parts aren’t too long or too “cheesy”, they last end exactly when you want them ot end.

It’s really that fucking simple – brutality, agressivity, speed, melodies, and being technical. That what this album’s about!


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