Ayat – El Nabi Mojrem Moghtaseb Dajjal

October 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Demo, Self-released, 2002

Ok, let’s face it, most people who pick up stuff by Ayat do it only out of curiousity, seing as the band is from Lebanon. Finding information about this band is pretty hard, apart from the official site, which doesn’t say much. Anyways I was lucky to find some MP3s of this band , and I have to say i’m truly impressed. The only other bands from Lebanon i’ve heard other than Ayat are Kaoteon and WhoreDom (Sadogoat is also in WhoreDom). The music that is provided here is raw and brutal, and one can easily notice that they’re not following any trends or such. Some songs contain sheer brutality, most notably the short ‘Laka El Biaa Ya Moghtaseb El Adian’, which only last 1:30 but the hateful riffs and especially vocals make you want to repeat the song over and over again. The little oriental chants (like at the end of ‘Possession’) enhance the experience and give an oriental vibe to the music. ‘For All Those Who Sinned’ starts off with a hateful speech from the vocalist, with an oriental accent, and it’s briefly interrupted for a full 3:39 of agressivity, by either instrument of voice. The ‘double’ type of vocals where the left side screams the vocals and the right side simply screams make a very hateful effect. Overall maybe a bit short demo, but it’s good to hear BM from Lebanon.


§ One Response to Ayat – El Nabi Mojrem Moghtaseb Dajjal

  • R'lyeh Liberation Front says:

    Good stuff. Reverend Filthy Fuck did some guest vocals for Daamar as well.

    Their follow-up, Six Years of Dormant Hatred is even better.

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