Boris – Absolutego

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Full-length, Fangs Anal Satan, 1996

Even though I really love doom metal and all of its sub-genres, reviewing an album in this genre is always pretty hard for me, and especially in the more specific sub-genres of doom. But Boris’ first full-length album was just too good to leave it there without reviewing it. I’ve always respected Boris, because they never stick to only 1 style of metal, they always experiment. This droning doom/noise type of music is really hard to describe, so i’ll try as best as I can.

The first thing you’ll notice on Absolutego is that it’s just 1 long song that’s a big 65 minutes in length. When I first listened to this, I was of course very confused by the music, but the more I listened to it, some feelings started to be felt throughout the music, and the more I listened to it, the most enjoyable this whole experience was. I’ll say it right now, this album is not for the ones with simple minds. Those who are casual drone/noise listeners will probably enjoy this album on the first listen, though. The music itself is very “industrial” (not in the electronic way), but more like an industry in the middle of a huge city. Imagine all the noise that are created by a huge industry, with some weird feedback noise created by guitars, and you’ve got Absolutego. It’s one of those situations where you can’t really describe the music with words, you can only listen to the album to find out. Its long length is fine for me though, even if I do agree that this could’ve been split into 2 or 3 songs. The song does a huge turnaround after 26 minutes, when the guitars take a more casual sound and some very interesting vocals come in. That part was the heaviest, and had a closer approach to heavy metal.

Overall, this is a drone masterpiece. Metalheads that aren’t into Drone will either hate it or love, but there’s a good chance Drone Doom fans will truly appreciate this one.


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