Darvulia – L’alliance des Venins

October 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Full-length, Battlesk,2005

Having released a couple of demos and an album (out of which I only have ‘Shabattu, Danse Lunaire’ and ‘L’Ombre Malicieuse’), Darvulia’s latest, L’Alliance des Venins, puts the southwest band in front of the whole french black metal scene, being one of the better albums that came out so far this year. This album stands out because of its dissonance. Never have I heard anything this directly dissonant (just listen to Manoir aux cadavres d’enfants, and you’ll get a picture). Guitar tone is pretty raw, but would still sound itchy to the untrained ear. Song structures are pretty basic, but what makes this album most interesting are the unique riffs. They sound like a black metal version of Cheval de Frise (another french band, not metal though). Blastbeats and cliches make little to no appearances on the album, which is refreshing.

The drums were recorded very professionally, not taking up too much space or being too low in the mix. Vocals are average, but some parts really think outside the box (middle of ‘Nous Sommes les Plaies…’), with some freaky shrieks/screams a la Amaka Hahina. To get a clear picture of the sound of this band, think of some of the LLN work from bands like Brenoritvrezorkre or Vlad Tepes. Then, think of clean yet dirty production, good riffs, and major dissonance. Keep the same type of freaky vocals (which you can actually hear clearly), and you’ve got L’Alliance des Venins. This is a piece of art which reveals itself only after 2-3 listens, but instead of being one of those grower album, it becomes different and the listener get used to the dissonance, which makes a dark and eerie atmosphere without sounding too raw or like dark ambient.

Overall, extremely refreshing album which stands out simply because of the riffs. Definitely one of the best french bands around for 2006. One of the bands to look out for in the future.


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  • R'lyeh Liberation Front says:

    The label is actually Battllesk’rs. I’m assuming you got your misinformation from M-A, and not from an actual copy of the CD…

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