Drudkh – Swan Road

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Full-length, Supernal Music, 2005

Drudkh’s second album, Autumn Aurora, was an album admired by many because it was among the first Black Metal albums to contain such unique and soothing feelings, while keeping a very heavy touch to the music. I personally thought that album was genious, with very good ideas, and without being generic at all. Luckily enough, their new album, The Swan Road, still has a great relaxing feel to it, and it also has some songs that are much heavier, with more vocals.

Something I admired about Drudkh throughout their 2 first albums is that they can make quite long songs that are pretty repetitive, but they never bore the listener. It was probably because of the great atmosphere contained in each songs, or that the riffs were amazing, but whatever it was, that element is still intact in this album. Just like in the song “Blood”, which has a few riffs and is about 8:50 in length. Though it never gets boring at all, and it has a few solos here and there, without forgetting the impressive vocal performance by Roman. Drudkh also pays homage to their culture (which is Slavonic, i’m guessing) in the last song, “Song of Sich Destruction”. It’s very nice, with some type of guitar which I’ve never heard before and another great vocal performance by Roman. The drums on this album have the almost exact same sound as the one featured on Autumn Aurora, with some pretty simple drum beats that never get boring. The brutal minimalistic parts (like in the second riff of “The Price Of Freedom) are also great, and they show something that has never been done by Drudkh.

So if you liked Autumn Aurora and also like a bit of brutality and agressivity, The Swan Road won’t disappoint you. Recommended to all Drudkh fans…


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