Funeris Nocturnum – Code 666: Religion Syndrome Deceased

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Full-length, Woodcut Records, 2002

Funeris Nocturnum was a band I had never heard of before, and according to a few of the reviews I found on the ‘net, they seemed to be a pretty good band. So I got their latest album, “Code 666 – Religion Syndrome Deceased”. Luckily, they don’t sound like most of the other black metal bands that have been popping out of nowhere recently, and their riff work shows talent.

A good thing about this album is the keyboards. FN has managed to put a good amount of keyboards into each song without overusing them at all, unlike a band like say Dimmu Borgir. They also manage to create some pretty unique keyboard soundscapes, like near the end of Vulpine Paralogism. The riff work is also pretty unique, seing as not all the riffs are tremolo-picked or so, some of them even sound like death/thrash.

The bad part is its length. 34 minutes is just not enough. They could’ve easily made a few songs longer and it would’ve reacher 41 minutes in length easily. Most of the songs aren’t too long or too short, but sometimes 3 minutes isn’t enough and it doesn’t satisfy me. Also, the vocals were the same from start to end. Some variability in the vocals would’ve helped a bit.

Not a bad album overall, in fact I appreciate it a lot. If these guys work on their few flaws their chances of becoming the next BM band are quite big.


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