Bahrrecht – Lotharingen

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Demo, Self Released, 2010

From Lorraine, France, Bahrrecht is a relatively new name  in the black metal scene. This is their second demo overall, following a demo released in 2005. The drumming duties are handled by none other than Winterhalter of Peste Noire, Amesoeurs and Alcest fame. The other members are also active in other bands such as Funeral Holocaust, Svartblut and Cofex Inferis. To be blunt, this release is very impressive, and this is amplified by the fact that this is only the second demo from this band to see the light of day.

Bahrrecht play an exciting brand of in-your-face, grander than death black metal that really get the black metal juices flowing. It’s important to note that in terms of musicianship, production and composition, Bahrrecht excel on every single level. The group has figured how to make efficient and aggressive black metal without following any particular trend, but also without being overly unorthodox. Nuit de Neige, the opener, wastes no time in acquainting the listener with the sound of Bahrrecht: aggressive without pretention, blasphemous and profane. The riff that kicks in at around three minutes will have fans of reverby, trebly and dark black metal utterly satisfied.

Sous Une Pluie D’Étoile, as well as the two other tracks on this demo continues this tendency: to have a subtle melody lingering in the back, while the bulk of the musical attention goes to portraying an image of a world filled with worldly obscenities and unwelcome tyranny veiled with a layer of deep and satisfying acceptance. It is often said that many black metal artists are more style than substance, but if there’s one band that’s made solely of substance, it’d have to be Bahrrecht.

The only thing that irks me a bit on this release is the vocal performance. These kind of “demented” shrieks have become commonplace in black metal, and they don’t really work for me. At least they’re really not that high up in the mix. Still, musically, Bahrrecht have truly mastered the black arts and its subtleties, as evidenced in the ending of Sous Une Pluie d’Étoile and the general feel that this demo gives off. For fans of honest and aggressive black metal, a must-have.


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